4 Things Every New Smartphone Owner Should Do

by | Jan 18, 2016 | Business

When you’ve just arrived at home with a new handset that’s spiffier and smarter than your previous one, all you want to do is start fiddling with it. There are a dozen things that you will feel like doing, and all at the same time. But wait…take a breather. Before you start downloading all necessary apps, there’s something else that you should be thinking about. Here are a few suggestions before you start-off with your new smartphone.

1. Transferring Data from Previous Handset

Firstly, as we all know, you will have to transfer your contact list and other important data to the new phone. You wouldn’t consider building your contact list from the scratch all over again. Thankfully our “smart” phones are quite capable of syncing with each other. So getting that data transferred into your new device should not be very difficult. Taking a backup of your data on cloud is also a wise decision. It will save you the hassle of losing important data in transition.

2. Get to Know Each Other

Go through the entire Settings menu (of your new handset) including the Sub-settings. It not only helps you understand your new and updated smartphone, but it also allows you to modify the settings as per your needs, right from the beginning. This will also save a lot of confusion coming your way. New handsets often come with certain setting controls which you may not require. So rather than wondering why things didn’t work, it’s better to setup your phone now.

3. System Updates

Normally, handsets come with the latest version of software available. But the software industry operates at a pace that can be difficult to catch up with. There are times when the software update is already out by the time you have a new handset. So check your Settings menu to see if any new software update is available. While doing so, you may also be able to update the built-in apps that you use on a regular basis. Make sure that your system is up to date before you start using it.

4. Secure It!

Having a lot of personal, important and confidential data stored on your phone is very common. You will probably want to start downloading all that you think is a must. But before you start with that, here’s something that you must do – Secure your device. Setup some complex security solutions in your phone besides the lock screen. Install tracking and location apps so that you can access your phone online and lock, track or wipe it off, remotely.

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