Crowdfunding to Finance an Indie Film is a Big Deal in the Film Industry

by | Feb 25, 2016 | Business

The production of an independent film is a big deal, especially to the creator of the film. There are millions of accomplishments to be made once the film is finished. If only finishing the film were all it took! Once the film is complete, there are finances in line to market  it and this is where the real challenge begins. Unless there are some big money investors around the corner, financing an independent film will not be a walk in the park. There is a bit of light shed by the crowdfunding for films option because this gives everyone, even strangers a chance to show how much they believe in the work of the film’s creator.

Crowdfunding is closely related to both the spectrum of noncommercial donations and grants as well as the commercial spectrum of investments. There is a great deal of competition that exists between filmmakers who all have one common goal, to get the money. Therefore, there must be significant faith put into the film and its quality and in turn, this faith and value must be communicated to those being solicited for donations. It is at the pitch phase that crowdfunding becomes parallel to a business plan or proposal drawn up for a grant. There is a great deal of effort required, similar to the work that goes into presenting to an investor.

Crowdfunding for films is linked directly to the source, the film industry, and it is definitely the leading established platform of independent film financing. It’s a relatively New Age technology that is founded on the old belief that people will contribute to a good cause or quality product. In the perfect world, a creator could develop a project, upload a video to pitch the purpose or cause, offer a few incentives and reach out to the target audience via social networks and email and wait for the money to pour in. Alas, the perfect world hasn’t met the film industry yet.

Pitch the cause successfully by introducing the film and the person behind it, as well as a sneak-peek of the goods. Be very personal and let the donors know the personality behind the film and showcase the project in its rarest form. Be bold and confident in the request for help by engaging the readers and letting them know how they can play a part in getting the film on the screen.

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