How Businesses Can Take Advantage Of International Air Freight Services

by | May 13, 2016 | Transportation and Logistics

Being in business as a small company or even a large corporation means being able to carefully manage your budget. As companies in India move to a more global approach to doing business, they often find that they need to ship items quickly and at a fair price, which is where international air freight services can provide a true advantage.

Not all couriers and shippers offering air freight services to international destinations and may only provide services within the country. Even different international shippers and couriers will have different pricing, so it is important to make comparisons and choose a courier that will offer your business the best prices and the most value in their service.

When to Ship by Air

It is possible to ship virtually anything by air today. Large super cargo planes can easily handle shipping containers, vehicles, heavy equipment or any other type of freight. However, the cost of shipping these massive items by air is often cost prohibitive, and ocean freight is the most common method for those items for this reason.

Typically, businesses ship everything from documents to samples by air freight, but most international air freight services will be cost effective for shipments of under five hundred pounds. In fact, due to the partial load nature of these shipments, it will not only be faster but also less expensive than the traditional ocean freight shipping option.

The Costs

Most airlines, including those that are offering passenger service, also haul freight in their cargo holds. For most international airlines, freight contributes about 10% of their profits, and they are fully equipped to handle a variety of different package sizes, freight times and even products that need special shipping conditions.

All airlines charge by weight, but they also consider the specific dimensions of the package. By working with top international air freight services and allowing them to provide packing services, you may be able to reduce the size of the package, also reducing the total cost.

There will also be fees associated with customs, which may be documented as customs and destination fees. Freight services will be able to complete all customs documents required, and ensure that the package will be accepted in the destination country.

The other important factor to consider when choosing air freight is the speed of delivery. With door to door service international shipments can arrive in days, and with full tracking ability, you can notify the receiver just when to expect your package, making your business more efficient and providing your customers with excellent service.

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