How Crowdfunding Works

by | Jan 13, 2017 | Business

Understanding how crowdfunding works is the first step in deciding if it is something that can help your cause. Crowdfunding is the newest way to raise money for a wide range of worthy causes. The idea behind crowdfunding is that there is more power in numbers. While a small donation from one person may not make a big impact, a small donation from a lot of people can have a much bigger impact.  There are two things about crowdfunding that you should know right from the start:

*It is easy to use
*It works

Here is How It Works
Crowdfunding is an easy way to allow people to contribute to your cause. It gives everyone you know and everyone they know an opportunity to have an easy way to donate to a worthy cause.  All you must do is set up your fundraiser page, notify everyone you know, post to social media and then collect the donations from the website.

It’s Safe and Easy!
How crowdfunding works makes it safe and easy for everyone. You do not have to go door to door looking for handouts and your donors do not have to worry about handing over cash. It can be done online from the privacy of your home, and it can be set up quickly. Donors just click a few buttons to donate. It works out well in every situation.

Online crowdfunding is a nice way to get help for your cause and to help your friends have an opportunity to get involved in something that they believe in!

Ketto is a great place to set up a fundraiser and get everyone involved in a great cause.  Let Ketto help you reach your goals!

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