Tips For Crowdfunding For Movies

by | Jul 25, 2016 | Business

Movies are a great way to get your thoughts out there in the most interesting manner. If you have decided to create a movie, whether you’re an actor, director or producer, you’ll need money for funding. However, the best thing to do, when searching for funds is to consider crowdfunding. You’ll not only be able to involve your fans in a new and technologically-advanced way, but you’ll also get the money you need to create an exceptional film that may be talked about for years.

Choose a Platform

The first thing to do is to choose an online fundraising platform. Stick to those that are popular and used by millions to ensure that your campaign gets noticed. You should also ensure that the platform works in your country, as some are for Americans only and others are for those in Asia and other countries.

Get a Team Together

Everyone needs a group of enthusiasts to help promote the film and ask others for help. Luckily, you’ve probably already got a team together because you’ll have costume and makeup team, actors, directors and others to help. Ask these people for help in creating your campaign and then ask them to help promote them.

Estimate Costs

Every platform you consider will require you to set a goal amount. Therefore, you must ensure that you estimate the costs of production carefully. Remember that there will be many added costs, such as the rewards you provide donors. For example, you may send out tee-shirts, posters, signed photographs, DVDs or send the person who donates the most to a showing. Make sure you factor in those costs so that you can afford to reward those who help, as well as have enough money for production and editing.

Give the Pitch

The next step is to create the pitch, which can include videos, text, pictures and other things that can make it interesting. You want people to get interested in your campaign and donate money. Consider including previously made clips of various scenes, talking from the heart and possibly interviewing actors involved.

Send It Out There

Once you’ve created an excellent campaign page, get everyone you know to start sharing it on social media sites and emailing it to friends and family. Remember earlier when you created a team; ask them all to share and post about the campaign so that it reaches as many people as possible. You may even consider sending out press releases and talking about it at events.

Crowdfunding for movies is an excellent way to get more funding and create a masterpiece. Visit Ketto today to start your campaign now.

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