Top Three Ways to Avoid Delivery Disasters

by | Feb 13, 2017 | Transportation and Logistics

Sending a parcel internationally does require putting valuable or sentimental objects into the hands of multiple delivery personnel. It is all too easy for a mistake to be made and a package to be delayed, broken, or even lost. The best way to avoid situations such as these is to find and use the best international removal companies you can. Here are a few more ways to ensure your packages are all sent with no issues:

  1. Arrange Your Own Pickup

A headache that many people feel is missing the delivery when it comes to the door or needing to take the day off of work to wait for it. Apartment Therapy lists many new services and apps to help customers arrange their own pickup times, including Amazon Locker and Swapbox. Check what is available in your recipient city and what you can arrange.

  1. Check Restrictions

Every country has restrictions over what can and can’t be sent within the country, and some of them can be incredibly strict. Food and beverages, drugs, firearms and weapons, and even batteries are commonly restricted by international customs and will be returned to sender. Before you send anything, double check with your international removal companies to ensure you aren’t posting anything that is contraband. also has a useful list of restrictions by country.

  1. Prepare Packages Correctly

Broken packages are usually the result of staff somewhere down the line needing to send large amounts of parcels quickly and not having time to treat each package delicately. With this in mind, preparing your package correctly and carefully can prevent breakages and make their jobs easier.

Taking these steps, preparing all packages correctly, checking restrictions, and arranging convenient deliveries will prevent any broken or lost packages. Consult with your removals company to see how you can make your delivery go even smoother and prevent any disasters.

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