A Closer Look At The Mercedes CLA 45 AMG

by | Nov 3, 2016 | Automotive

One on of the many advantages of being one of the top automotive manufacturers in the world is that you have the ability to add to existing lines to create specific niche vehicles for the market.

In many ways, the Mercedes CLA 45 AMG is just such a vehicle. It is designed to be more compact and streamlined that the luxury saloons and but not as sporty looking as the Sports models in the same group. This is a four door vehicle with a very sleek and fastback coupe style to the roof and body, giving it a unique look that is very much in the middle.

With a variety of features, great power and a top reputation among owners and dealers, this is a vehicle well worth considering for city or highway driving. It has a distinctive look, lots of power and acceleration and even a new look to the style that really has heads turning.

What’s New

As with most Mercedes vehicles, every year brings about new additional features or upgrades to the existing system. The vehicle of today is more streamlined in design, which makes it more efficient and aerodynamic. It has the look of both speed and power without giving up anything in style.

The Mercedes CLA 45 AMG features the Intelligent Lighting System that adjusts to the natural daylight to be more friendly to other drivers on the road. There is also the use of LED lights that last longer and actually use less energy to give a brighter light.

You will find a choice of two different alloy wheels, allowing for an 18 or a 19-inch wheel. There is also a full range of body colors from Polar Silver to Jupiter Red and a darker Mountain Grey.

The interior features all the technology you want or need in a vehicle. It has a 7-inch central display that allows you to control your business, Bluetooth connection and all other internal or connected media. There is even voice activate controls for the phone and the audio system.

This is a terrific vehicle to take out on the road. Comfortable, stylish but not boring or standard in looks or handling, the Mercedes CLA 45 AMG is a great vehicle for anyone who drives every day or those that are looking for a car for those special outings.

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