Dangerous Goods Shipping Involves Specific Safety Measures

by | Nov 8, 2016 | Transportation and Logistics

Sometimes a business may need to participate in dangerous goods shipping if they handle substances or other products deemed hazardous, such as certain types of chemicals, batteries, explosives, poisons, or even perfume. When handling these packages, the shipping company has to understand all of the regulations that apply to packing, shipping, and other handling duties.

Shipping Hazardous Goods Requires Minimizing Risks

The rules and regulations covering dangerous goods shipping are put in place to protect life and property of everyone involved, from the company shipping it to the shipper packing it and finally the recipient of the goods. This means that everyone involved must be knowledgeable of all the proper handling requirements. 

Common Pitfalls when Shipping Hazardous Material

One thing to look out for when shipping dangerous goods that everyone involved must pay attention to are not making mistakes. Some of the common mistakes involve things like not using the correct type of packaging, for instance, liquids must be shipped in leak-proof packing, and if not, this can cause major problems.

Shippers must also know what kind of transport is safest for certain types of hazardous goods. For instance, some products and packages can’t be sent via air, and must be sent via ground for safety reasons. Additionally, proper cushioning of the goods being shipped must be used, as well as the correct absorbent material in some cases.

Training Must be Conducted for all People Involved

It’s also vital to ensure that everyone involved in hazardous goods packing and shipping have the proper training. Tragic circumstances could be involved, or at the very least, fines could be imposed if the goods are improperly managed or shipped.

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