Idea Money Introduces ‘Digi Dhan Lakshmi’ Campaign in Gujarat

by | Jun 30, 2017 | Communications

To extend Gujarat’s scope of cashless/digital payments, Idea Cellular’s digital wallet service Idea Money recently launched its ‘Digi Dhan Lakhsmi Initiative. The initial phase of this movement will begin in three regions which are Anand city, township and villages of Thamna and Dahej. This initiative will encourage families and individuals to go cashless.

Retailer Assisted Model (RAM) by Idea money

For the benefit of customers, Idea Money had launched Retailer Assisted Model (RAM) which is a platform that helps customers to make myriad of transactions including e-commerce, bus ticket booking, hotel and airline booking, money transfers, bill payments, Idea mobile recharges, other recharges, etc. through the Idea Money Wallet. The assistance will be provided by the retailers to the customers.

Cashless Ecosystem

With a 60-day pilot to onboard retailers and large merchants, Idea Money aims to create an ecosystem where hyperlocal merchants are connected to each retailer in supporting customer acquisition. The major focus behind this move is to make the customer independent of cash based transactions. Smart phone as well as feature-phone users will be able to make cashless purchases from day to day. This cashless ecosystem will be driven by three key entities namely the ‘Digital Grahak’ (potential customer/user), ‘E-vyapar Mitra’ (merchant) and ‘Digi Mitra’ (Telco retailer).

The Designate CEO of Aditya Birla Idea Payments Bank, Mr. Sudhakar Ramasubramanian commented that the Indian Government has focused on the development of a strong Fintech ecosystem to make financial inclusion a reality. “We believe that a key step to drive this change lies in providing ubiquitous solutions to customers to embrace digital money for daily transactions. Idea Money is delighted to spearhead the Digi Dhan Lakshmi initiative in Gujarat, which is providing an impetus to India’s cashless revolution” added Mr. Ramasubramanian.

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