Types Of Fashion Necklaces For Women

by | Mar 7, 2016 | Shopping & Fashion

Most ladies prefer to wear a necklace around the neck because it can change the appearance of the outfit, create charm and elegance, but will also make them feel more confident. However, there are so many options out there, which can be confusing, especially when women just want fashion necklaces that look good. The most popular style is the chain necklace, which comes in 14, 16, 18, 20, 24, and 36-inch options.

Chain Links

Most people don’t realize that there are many styles of chain links, including serpent, box, Figaro and more. However, not all neck pieces are made with chains. Some will use fabric or other materials, and some will have the metal as all one piece.


A choker goes around the lower part of the neck and sits flat on the skin. There should be no hanging pieces, through a small brooch may be in the middle to add bling or flair. While they were most popular in Victorian times, they are returning to popularity with many people. They can add a traditional or classic touch to any ensemble and may use cameos, corals or precious stones around a velvet ribbon. They make excellent heirlooms for future generations.


The collar necklace was also popular in the Victorian times and is meant to sit just under the neck or where a collar would normally be. It can include many gems and stones and can have a cascading effect, where the piece gets fuller and fuller as it reaches the center of the neck. This necklace type works well for collarless shirts or as a peek-a-boo accent underneath a fully-buttoned collar.


When most ladies think of a necklace, they think of a traditional 18 to 20-inch chain with other features and accents. Almost anything can be placed on the chain, including pendants, charms, lockets and more. These options look excellent on almost anyone and can change the appearance of an outfit magnificently.


If you want a very long chain, the 24 or 36-inch version, called the opera necklace, works well. Many fashion necklaces for women will include a longer chain, which can then be knotted or wrapped around the neck once or twice to create multiple rings. Some ladies prefer to wrap the long chain around the neck like a choker and leave the rest hanging down to create a stunning look.

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