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In these times, it has become absolutely essential to stay connected with the world. And therefore it gets really annoying when weak signals interrupt our connectivity. Such a situation can get worse if in a dead zone we have to make urgent calls or send important messages across.

Here’s how you can effectively boost your network:

1. Choose 2G over 3G: If you are continually experiencing low signal, then maybe you should try switching to 2G from 3G. This will give your network an instant boost because 2G has a far wider network than 3G. Although the internet speed will sink to some extent, you can still enjoy better quality voice calls.

2. Glass tumbler: While traveling to remote areas, our phone many a times, struggles hard to get decent network connectivity. What can help here is a Glass Tumbler trick. A weird yet useful remedy, this trick can help you raise network signals in low connectivity areas.

3. Install boosters: Sometimes we are not able to receive a proper network at home or office because some materials like concrete or wires that were used during construction, mess up with signal receivers. If your house also has such an issue that is causing your network connectivity to suffer, try finding a signal booster. It simply detects weak signals outdoors and creates a strong signal indoors.

4. Change Your Grip: Holding your phone tightly has to be avoided. This is because when your grip is hard, you are unknowingly adding another layer & making it difficult for your phone to send or receive signal. However, not all the phones have such issues, but it’s recommended to hold your phone lightly to make sure the antenna doesn’t get blocked.

5. Forward Calls: A simple but often overlooked trick! You can simply forward all your calls to another number which has a better signal. In many cases “Airtel” is recommended as it has the best coverage across India, even in the rural areas!

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