Where to Find Dry Cleaning and Shoe Restoration in Bangalore

by | May 23, 2017 | Business

A very sad truth is that life can be kind of messy at times. In the today’s world there are bound to be times when your clothes get dirty. When that happens you are going to want the best possible people to clean it no matter where you are be it Boston or Bangalore. Perhaps especially in Bangalore because in a busy country like India your clothes are bound to get dirty and need a cleaning and everyone always wants to look their best. There is also the issue of your shoes that will likely need to be cleaned and repaired. If you are looking for a place that not only provides  laundry service in India but also shoe restoration in Bangalore, there is one place that deserves your attention.

Who They Are

If you truly are looking for the best laundry services in the India area then you should check out the services of Press2 India Pvt Ltd. There are Pressto laundry services all across India. They have served over 150,000 customers in India and have cleaned an impressive 50+ million garments. They have shops in 23 counties and have over 10 million customers and started in Spain in 1994.

What They Do

There is a reason that Pressto offers the best dry cleaning in India, and that is because it is much more than a mere laundry service. You need to remember that they also do shoe restoration in Bangalore, and that means they provide care for shoes and bags that are made of leather, as well as care for designer wear. The also will alter your garments for you. Then there is the actual laundry cleaning services they provide. They offer hygienic cleaning that involves distilling dry cleaning solvent to make it more hygienic so that you know you are getting the best possible cleaning there is.

More Than Just Cleaning

Not only does Pressto offer the best dry cleaning service and wardrobe maintenance, but they also launched Pressto Zapato. It is a boutique in India that sells shoes, bags, and various accessories.

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